Annual Grasses

Annual Ryegrass
Rape (Annual)


  Annual Ryegrass

An annual which is usually a volunteer pest in small grain fields. Bunch growth, rapid establishment. Used for hay and pasture, especially when mixed with crimson clover and/or small grain. Ideal for green manure. Common variety is Gulf annual ryegrass. 15lbs. in mixtures, 20-30lbs. alone.

Ryegrass Seeding

When soil becomes appropriately warm. 1-2 weeks after corn.
Rate: 10-12lbs. in rows.
pH level: 5.8-6.2
  Rape (Annual) Brassica Napus

Cool-season plant in the mustard family. Closely resembles kale with large, dark green leaves. At maturity it reaches a height of 3' - 6' with brilliant yellow  flowers and pods that produce 15-40 small black seeds. Winter and spring varieties are available.

Pasture and as oil crop. Usually ready for grazing about 8 weeks after seeding. Sometimes causes bloating in sheep.

Weight per bushel:

Seeds per pound: 160,000

Germinating time: 7 days

Fertilizer: 60-80lbs. N, 30-50lbs. P205 and 30-50lbs. K20 at medium soil levels.

pH Range: 5.2-6.2

Soil Adaptation: Well drained and moderately well drained loams and silt loam soils.

Planting: February and March, or August and September at 2-3lbs. in rows;
6-9lbs. broadcast; 4-6lbs. when seeded with oats.

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