Lespedeza can be grown for pasture, hay, soil improvement and seed. Lespedeza is known for its persistence in poor cultural, low fertility soils. Does well in lime deficient ground that otherwise would be seeded with clover. A good hot weather plant with drought tolerance.

Korean (Annual)
Sericea (Perennial)
Bi-Color (Perennial)

  Lespedeza Seeding
Date: February - late March
Rate: (Alone) 20-25lbs.
          (In mixes) 10-15lbs.
pH Level: 5.5-6.5
Inoculation advised
An annual used for hay and pasture. Excellent soil builder. Good wildlife cover, poor winter cover; killed by frost. Growth habit: 3' - 4' , slender, branched stems. 15-25lbs. alone, 10lb. in mixes. Plant: March - Harvest: September.
An annual growing 4' - 4 1/2' tall. Excellent ground cover and erosion control. Planted mostly for quail and dove patches. 15-25lbs. alone, 10lbs. in mixes.
Perennial legume. Normal growth of 2' - 4'. Main use is erosion control and wildlife cover. Fairly coarse for hay. Growh habit much like that of alfalfa. 15-20lbs. per acre of hulled seed.
Bushy shrub; grows 3' - 6' in height. Primarily used for feeding wild game or erosion control. Not adapted to high altitude or wet area.

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